Validators are executed when someone tries to transition an issue. A validator makes sure details are correct when transitioning an issue, and stops the transition if they aren’t. When there are incorrect details, the person transitioning the issue will be prompted to fix them.

How to add a validator?

  1. Edit the workflow that contains the transition.

  2. In diagram mode, select the transition arrow and click Validators in the properties panel. or In text mode, select the transition's name from the Transitions (id) column.

  3. Select the Validators tab and click on Add validator button

  4. Choose from the available validators and set any necessary parameters for the validator.

  5. Remember to Publish Draft

Learn more about adding validators in Atlassian's documentation

New workflow editor vs old editor

Recently, in Jira, you may have noticed the new workflow editor, which lacks support for conditions and validators provided by apps. Switch to the old editor to use the app.

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